Web Scraping API

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Web Scraping on autopilot, we rotate proxies and manage headless browsers for you.


Quickly Build Your Project

Scrapfly unify the whole toolchain to scrape any targets without spending time with rotating proxies, headless browsers and blocking protection

We help clients by solving their issues in many industries, real estate, ecommerce, human resources, competitive intelligence, news, market stock, travel.

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Anti Scraping Protection

Anti-Scraping Protection

ASP bypass major anti scraping protection by shielding your scrape. We constantly updating it



Take one or multiple screenshots of page, full page or scoped on element

Ban Detection

Ban Detection

IP failover / cooling - Intelligent distribution backed by a statistical model

Real Time Dashboard

Real-Time Dashboard

Monitor, analyze, introspect, debug, screenshot, replay from dedicated URL to fix

Automatic IP Roatation


Datacenter, Residential, Mobile proxies pool available. Automatic proxy network type upgrade to bypass with anti bot

Presistent Sessions

Persistent Sessions

Persist session on demand and use the same context across requests

Javascript Rendering

Javascript Rendering

Scrape with a real browser, execute your own javascript

Caching System

Caching System

On-demand, rebuild dataset from scratch faster without overloading an upstream website



Send scrape order and receive result through webhook notification when scrape is finished with intelligent backoff, just in case, you know



Keep your data up to date. Configure each x seconds, minutes, hours, days and get result via webhook later

Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

Customs headers, post rendering delay, HTTP method (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, HEAD)

Simple & Predictable Billing

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Extra API Calls per 10k $1.10 per 10k $1.50 per 10k $1.80 per 10k $2.00 per 10k
Concurrent Request 100 50 20 5
Log Retention ∞ weeks 4 weeks 3 weeks 2 weeks 1 weeks
Anti Scraping Protection
Residential Proxy
Geo targeting
Javascript Rendering
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