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How many scrape per month do you need?

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ENTERPRISE Subscription
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PRO Subscription
DISCOVERY Subscription
Included API Calls 5,500,000 2,500,000 1,000,000 200,000
Extra API Calls per 10k $1.20 per 10k $2.00 per 10k $3.50 per 10k
Concurrent Request 100 50 20 5
Log Retention ∞ weeks 4 weeks 3 weeks 2 weeks 1 weeks
Anti Scraping Protection
Residential Proxy
Geo targeting
Javascript Rendering
Support Premium Support Premium Support Standard Support Standard Support Basic Support

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Have you try to predict the cost of your web scraping project?

  • Your IPs are blocked so you need proxies?
    • Proxies are billed on bandwidth consumption, concurrent connection (thread), unpredictable
    • Good residential proxies price go through the roof
    • Time consuming benchmark with many proxy providers to check quality, real bandwidth usage, budget
  • Do you need browser to render javascript?
    • Browsers use lot of resources and are hard to scale
    • Manage and control the browser fleet and scale it require a lot of development
    • Browsers are not resilient on error and crash meanwhile pages are loading
  • Do you scrape protected websites?
    • You need non server hardware and GPU
    • You need to invest in R&D to have custom browser and bypass at scale
    • Skilled reverse engineer are rare, unreachable and very expensive
    • Anti Bot have updated their solution and blocked you again
  • Do you monitor your web scrapers?
    • Maintain database to ingest and store scrapes for analytics
    • Aggregate and deliver actionable insights through a queryable dashboard
  • You were here to get access and retrieve data right?

With Scrapfly, just pick a free plan, configure your scrape through the API options to be able to retrieve what you need then take the highest API. No IPs to rotate, no proxy bandwidth billing, no browser to handle and get benefits of our up to date bypass system for protected website. Worry-free solution.


What are an API Calls?

In order to fairly price scrape request based on the configuration (proxies, browser, anti bot system) one scrape can cost many API Calls from your quota. We this system, request without browser rendering on datacenter proxies are cheaper, using browser or residential is more expansive.

What are Extra Request?

When you take a plan, there is a prepaid quota that you paid each month. When the prepaid quota is reached, you switch on "pay as you go" model. If the next upper plan is currently too much for your need you can take the lower one and compensate with extra request you won't be blocked and when you are consuming enough to switch, you can upgrade.

Can I change or cancel my subscription?

Yes, until you didn't contract a custom with commitment you are free to upgrade / downgrade / cancel any time you want. Downgrade and cancel are effective at the end of the current period.

What happened to unused quota?

There is no possibility to roll over the unused quota over the next period. When the subscription is renewed your quota is being reset. If you have too much quota left in the end of subscription period you can downgrade your plan.

Can I use Puppeteer or Selenium driver with Scrapfly API?

At the moment it's not possible, you can scrape and render page through a browser with our API but you don't have access to the browser. We use a custom browser build to ensure we are not blocked and provide a good reliability regarding network issue and proxies networks. We plan to provide "ready to use" browser to plug directly into your app through websocket and will be beside our current API.