Why You Should Use Web Scraping For Travel?


We are now into our second generation of people whose first instinct with a question isn’t to ask it - it’s to google it. After all, people have a finite amount of knowledge, but the internet is doubling in size every year. Which is why web scraping is perfect for keeping track of travel. Whether you’re a travel agent, or someone looking to provide travel services, web scraping is a vital tool for the travel industry.
Web scraping, at its core, is a chance for you to plug into the questions people are googling and provide them with their answers. All you have to do is specify your search parameters and let the automated system do the rest.

How Can Web Scraping Help Travel

Travelers, and the advent of digital nomads, means that there’s never been more information about the way in which people move around the world. It also means that there are good, bad, and great reviews written and freely absorbed.
Web scraping can collect any of the information that might be relevant to you. Just a glance at some of the data you can collect includes:

  • Real-time flight prices
  • Hotel listings
  • Location data
  • Popular bloggers and influencers
  • Reviews and feedback

Whatever travel service you provide, data-based insights help you to provide the best services for your customers, as well as make sure your pricing is competitive. And you don’t need to be a data expert to get useful data.

Make Sure Your Data Scraping Is Reliable

The competition in the travel industry is manageable only by having the right data. This means having the information you need and the keys to unlock it.
Having a strong data scraping process in place is a great way to make sure you’re ahead of the curve - but it can be challenging and costly if you don’t know what you’re doing.
This is how Scrapfly came into being. We wanted to offer people the opportunity to thrive with data that is organized, relevant, and reliable. It’s as simple as that. We create reports based on your web scraping needs that are easily accessible from your dashboard. There’s no need to know coding, data analytics.
We do what we do so you can focus on doing what you do.

Media & News

Media & News

In the digital age of online news and media, there are distinct and specific issues faced by online outlets. After all, it’s not just about producing quality content.

Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking

While the term might not be familiar to everybody, website scraping has been used by digital marketers since before the phrase was even coined. Which makes it one of the oldest growth hacks in the book.



Everybody knows when it comes to e-commerce that you want to be competitively priced, and a lot of that has to do with knowing what your competition is doing

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