What is Cloudflare Error 1010?

"Error 1010: The owner of this website has banned your access based on your browser's signature" is often encountered when web scraping using browser automation tools like Puppetter, Playwright or Selenium.

screenshot of cloudflare error 1010
Error 1010 - Cloudflare

This is caused by javascript fingerprinting as these automated browsers are easy to fingerprint and identify.

To avoid this error, browser automation tools should be fortified against javascript fingerprinting:

Alternatively, web scraping APIs such as ScrapFly can be used that use fortified cloud browsers to execute scraping commands.

How to bypass Cloudflare when web scraping in 2024

For more on how Cloudflare is blocking web scrapers see our in-depth explanation blog.

How to bypass Cloudflare when web scraping in 2024

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