Cloudflare Errors 1006, 1007, 1008: how to avoid them?

"Error 1006: Access Denied" (also 1007, 1008 and 1106) can be encountered when web scraping websites covered Cloudflare anti-scraping service. This means Cloudflare has blocked the scraper's IP address. The block is caused by Cloudfare identifying your client as a web scraper.

This error can be avoided by web scraping APIs like ScrapFly or by ensuring that web scrapers cannot be identified by Cloudflare by fortifying common identification areas like request headers, HTTP protocol version, TLS and javascript fingerprinting. For more see our extensive article how to scrape without getting blocked tutorial

screenshot of error 1006

Error 1006:Access Denied by Cloudflare

This error also appears as and is identical to:

  • Error 1007: Access Denied
  • Error 1008: Access Denied

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