How to scrape Perimeter X: Please verify you are human?

When scraping pages protected by PerimeterX we might encounter messages like "Please verify you are Human: Press & Hold":

screenshot of Perimeter X Please verify you are human error

This message means the web scraper has been identified and is being blocked. PerimeterX is using various fingerprinting and detection techniques, like:

And other details like request pattern, HTTP version etc. To avoid being blocked one option is to fortify the web scraper against these identification methods.

How to Scrape Without Getting Blocked? In-Depth Tutorial

For more on all technologies used for blocking web scrapers see our full introduction guide

How to Scrape Without Getting Blocked? In-Depth Tutorial

Alternatively, a web scraping API such as ScrapFly can be used to scrape all PerimeterX pages. For that see the Anti Scraping Protection feature.

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