What is Cloudflare Error 1020?

"Error 1020: Access Denied" can be seen when web scraping websites powered by Cloudflare WAF. This means Cloudflare has blocked your scraper's IP address.

screenshot of Cloudflare error 1020

This error can be caused by a variety of reasons from web scraping too fast to using low-quality proxies. Cloudflare's anti-bot systems are using a variety of technologies to detect web scrapers, like:

So, to avoid this error, the scrapers needs to be fortified against Cloudflare's anti-scraping technologies which can be done by using proxies and better scraping pracitces and libraries.

How to bypass Cloudflare when web scraping in 2024

For more on how Cloudflare is blocking web scrapers see our in-depth explanation blog.

How to bypass Cloudflare when web scraping in 2024

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