Web Scraper API Specification

Scrapfly has loads of features and the best way to discover them is through the specification docs below. Alternatively, see the OpenAPI specification if you're familiar with openAPI structures.

If you have any questions you can check out the Frequently asked question section or see the support chat.

By default, the API has a read timeout of 155 seconds. To avoid read timeout errors, you must configure your HTTP client to set the read timeout to 155 seconds. If you need a different timeout value, please refer to the documentation for information on how to control the timeout.

Try out the API directly in your terminal using curl:

Want to try out the API without coding? Check out our visual API player and test/generate code to use our API.

Checkout The Web Player

The default response format is JSON, and the scraped content is available in result.content. Your scrape configuration is present in config, and other activated feature information is available in context. To get the HTML page directly, refer to the proxified_response parameter.