Billing Overview

The billing page gives you an overview of your subscription, current invoice, past invoices, billing information, and credit card.

See in Your dashboard

Payment Policy

When you begin a subscription for the first time, we will charge you to validate your payment method. If the payment failed, you have 23 hours to complete the payment, or your subscription will be revoked. A draft invoice is created, which will be made for the next period, and all extra usage for the current period will be added.

If your card supports 3D security, check your notification/emails to complete the authentication on the invoice page.

When your subscription is renewed, and payment fails, we will try to charge you four times in a week. If we can't charge your payment method, we will cancel your subscription. A canceled subscription is still activated and will be downgraded to a free plan at the end of the period. Nothing is deleted from your account until the downgrade happens. You can regulate your situation by adding a valid credit card and contacting support. In this way, you keep all configurations.

Credit & Coupon


Your account is credited when:

  • Your previous invoice was negative (you have credit)
  • Account Manager or Support credited your account manually
  • Service Interruption

When credit is available, it's automatically applied to your next invoice. Credit is not transferable.

Coupon Code

Coupon codes give a discount that you can apply to a current paid subscription. A discount can have many dimensions such as:

  • Fixed prices or percentage of your total amount
  • Duration could be one or many months
  • Unique or multiple usages
All information about the coupon is given when you received it
A coupon code can have an expiration date which makes it unusable.


The list of our paid product and their dedicated billing model. Our billing model is unified with the API Credit system. Each product will consume a certain amount of API Credit.

API Credits Extra Usage

Scrapfly products do not have immediate hard limits to prevent breaking critical processes that rely on Scrapfly. However, using Scrapfly past your plan's quota will result in extra usage charges.

Extra usage is applied in batches of 10,000 credits and is billed at the rate of your plan. When the amount of billed extra usage reaches a threshold Scrapfly schedules a payment and finalizes the current invoice and a new draft invoice is available. Extra usage doesn't affect your subscription.

Manage Spending

We offer a variety of tools to help you manage your spending and stay within your budget. Here are some of the ways you can do that:

  • Project can be used to define a global limit

    Each scrapfly project can be restricted with a specific credit budget and concurrency limits.

  • Throttlers can be used to define limits per scraped website and timeframe

    Using Throttler's Spending Limit feature, each scrape target can be restricted with a specific credit budget for a given period. For example, you can set a budget of 10_000 credits per day for website A and 100_000 credits per month for website B.

By default, all account of hard limit of extra usage to avoid any major issue. You can't do 125% of your quota in extra usage. That's mean for a quota of 1M API Credit, you can perform 1,25M API Credit in extra, for a total of 2,25M API Credit.

If you reach this limit the account is suspended and an account manager will reach you to figure out the situation.

By using these features, you can better manage your spending and ensure that you stay within your budget when using our web scraping API.

Downgrade/Upgrade Plan

You can upgrade & downgrade your plan any time you want. Proration will be applied and mention on your current invoice.

To downgrade to a lower plan, you must respect the quota of the desired plan.


You can cancel your plan any time you want. The subscription remains active and will stop at the end of the period, and you will be downgraded to a free plan automatically.

When the system downgrades you to a lower plan, your configuration/project might be deleted automatically and arbitrarily by the system to fulfill the desired plan's quota.

Don't forget to take action if you want to keep the configuration/plan.