How to wait for page to load in Selenium?

When scraping dynamic web pages with Selenium we need to wait for the page to fully load before we retrieve the page source. Using Selenium WebDriverWait function we can wait for a specific element to appear on the page which indicates that the web page has fully loaded and then grab the page source:

from selenium import webdriver
from import WebDriverWait
from import expected_conditions
from import By

driver = webdriver.Chrome()
_timeout = 10  # ⚠ don't forget to set a reasonable timeout
WebDriverWait(driver, _timeout).until(
        # we can wait by any selector type like element id:
        (By.ID, "operations-tag-Auth")
        # or by class name
        # (By.CLASS_NAME, ".price")
        # or by xpath
        # (By.XPATH, "//h1[@class='price']")
        # or by CSS selector
        # (By.CSS_SELECTOR, "h1.price")

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