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Web Scraping with Playwright and Python

Playwright is the new, big browser automation toolkit - can it be used for web scraping? In this introduction article, we'll take a look how can we use Playwright and Python to scrape dynamic websites.

How to Avoid Web Scraping Blocking: Javascript Guide

Introduction to how javascript is used to detect web scrapers. What's in javascript fingerprint and how to correctly spoof it for web scraping.

Web Scraping With a Headless Browser: Puppeteer

Introduction to using Puppeteer in Nodejs for web scraping dynamic web pages and web apps. Tips and tricks, best practices and example project.

Web Scraping with Selenium and Python

Introduction to web scraping dynamic javascript powered websites and web apps using Selenium browser automation library and Python.

Scraping Dynamic Websites Using Browser

Introduction to using web automation tools such as Puppeteer, Playwright, Selenium and ScrapFly to render dynamic websites for web scraping