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How to Scrape Google SEO Keyword Data and Rankings

In this article, we’ll take a look at SEO web scraping, what it is and how to use it for better SEO keyword optimization. We’ll also create an SEO keyword scraper that scrapes Google search rankings and suggested keywords.

How to Observe E-Commerce Trends using Web Scraping

In this example web scraping project we'll be taking a look at monitoring E-Commerce trends using Python, web scraping and data visualization tools.

How to Turn Web Scrapers into Data APIs

Delivering web scraped data can be a difficult problem - what if we could scrape data on demand? In this tutorial we'll be building a data API using FastAPI and Python for real time web scraping.

How to Scrape Algolia Search

In this web scraping tutorial we'll take a look at a search service used in web development - Algolia search API - and how can we scrape it?