Your Scrapfly account is the entry point to use our service. It's the place where you can manage your subscription, projects, and API keys.

Usage Policy

Everything presented in this section is present in the Terms of Service. We think it's essential to provide a transparent and "more" accessible way to understand it. More people will read documentation rather than the TOS page with all the boring information.

Scrapfly usage is only about data extraction and business automation. If we detect malicious use such as card testing, DDOS, or any situation that indicates misbehavior on an upstream website (such as massive fake accounts creation or security exploiting), your account will be suspended and your subscription revoked. We believe that web scraping is a legitimate tool that serves legitimate businesses, entrepeneurs, and NGOs, so we don't want to promote "black hat" behavior via a web scraping vector.

As the client, you are responsible for the collected data through our service and its usage. You must be aware of copywriting, web scraping-related laws applicable in your country.


Account usage, quote, current subscription, projects and other details can be retrieved using API.

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