How to open Python http responses in a web browser?

To view Python's HTTP responses in a web browser we can save the contents to a temporary file and open it in the default web browser using Python's webbrowser module:

import webbrowser
from tempfile import NamedTemporaryFile

# this can work with any response object of any http client like:
import requests
import httpx

def view_in_browser(response):
    """open httpx or requests Response object in default browser"""
    # first - save content to a temporary file:
    with NamedTemporaryFile("wb", delete=False, suffix=".html") as file:
    # open temporary file in a new browser tab as a web page
    # - or new window
    # webbrowser.open_new(f"file://{}")
    # - or current active tab
# example use:
response = requests.get("")
response = httpx.get("")  

This is a great tool for developing web scrapers as it allows to easily visualize and debug the scraper process as well as to use the browser's developer tools.

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