Why Working With Us?

Scrapfly was originally an insider product and battle tested before becoming publicly accessible in early 2017. It was then opened to everyone in 2020.

Our years of experience in the industry and use of the service for our own clients has built trust and confidence in our product and the value we deliver.

Our mission is to simplify the work of data engineers and analysts to access the data. The internet is the largest database in the world, yet it remains the least accessible, both technically and legally.

Why our customers appreciate us

  1. The success rate.
  2. The reliability.
  3. The speed at which we can update and adapt our solution is a recurring factor in why our customers choose our service.
  4. The technical ability of our support.
  5. Our documentation is driven by playable examples.

Key Benefits

  1. Reduced retry attempts result in lower consumption of compute resources, bandwidth and human resources.
  2. Developers no longer have to spend time on recurring updates and research on why they are blocked.
  3. Faster results - near real time results ability.
  4. Built in monitoring and sharable config / logs to communicate.
  5. Eliminates the need to hire top-tier data engineers or security researchers to extract data from difficult websites or update anti-bot bypass
  • Proprietary Solution
  • Dynamic Fingerprint
  • Bypass Anti Bots
  • Accurate and reliable results

  • 5 new version of our scrape engine is deployed on average each day
  • 3 Business Days, that the average time to overcome anti-bot update
  • 100M+ Browser and device fingerprint are derived from real user fingerprint each day
  • 30M+ of proxies IPs are rotated each hours on our public pool

  • Your Name is not used in any marketing communication
  • No result caching
  • No data resell
  • Sensitive parameters are scrubbed

  • Proxy origin verified
  • Quality monitored
  • Proxy pools are ethically selected and secure

  • Client Verification
  • Prevent and monitor illegal activites

  • We do not externalize our support
  • No tiering level to pass before getting a working solution
  • Each support agent are technically trained and have a data extraction background