Screenshot API Billing

For general billing policy for all Scrapfly products see the Billing Policy & Overview page.


The Screenshot API operates on a credit-based billing system. Each screenshot costs 70 API Credits. If the website's size exceeds 4MB, an additional 1 API Credit will be charged for every 100KB over the 4MB limit.

Each API request returns billing information about the used API credits. The X-Scrapfly-Api-Cost header contains the total amount of API credits used for this request.

14 Screenshots 2,857 Screenshots 14,286 Screenshots 35,714 Screenshots 78,571 Screenshots

Manage Spending

We offer a variety of tools to help you manage your spending and stay within your budget. Here are some of the ways you can do that:

  • Project can be used to define a global limit

    Each Scrapfly project can be restricted with a specific credit budget and concurrency limits.

  • Throttlers can be used to define limits per scraped website and timeframe

    Using Throttler's Spending Limit feature, each scrape target can be restricted with a specific credit budget for a given period. For example, you can set a budget of 10_000 credits per day for website A and 100_000 credits per month for website B.

By default, all account of hard limit of extra usage to avoid any major issue. You can't do 125% of your quota in extra usage. That mean for a quota of 1M API Credit, you can perform 1,25M API Credit in extra, for a total of 2,25M API Credit.

If you reach this limit the account is suspended and an account manager will reach you to figure out the situation.

By using these features, you can better manage your spending and ensure that you stay within your budget when using our Screenshot API.

Tracking Credit Use

Scrapfly paid plans do not have immediate hard limits that would stop critical scraping tasks from operating. Every Scrapfly user can go over the limit, at which time extra pricing will be applied for each batch of 10,000 extra credits.

To keep an eye on extra credit use the API responses contain a X-Scrapfly-Remaining-Api-Credit header which indicates the remaining credit count where 0 means the account is in extra use mode. You can also retrieve account information (quota, concurrency and so on) via our Account API