Project and Environment

overview page of web interface
Overview page from web interface


The Number of Projects Depends on Your Plan
1 projects 2 projects 5 projects 15 projects 50 projects

Project introduces a way to get you organizes on the Platform. You can handle many projects without mixing resources across your account and keep everything organized.

Each project gives you two dedicated environments: LIVE and TEST. Each environment has a dedicated API key. The goal of each environment is to separate the production and sandbox. So you can confidently work/test/try under TEST without worrying about production.

By default, a project "default" is created on your account. You cannot delete it and it does not count on your subscription quota.

See in Your dashboard


All resources listed below are scoped per project per environment

  • Monitoring
  • Webhook
  • Spider
  • Schedule
  • Throttling
  • Integration

Authentication & Usage

Web Platform

In the top bar menu on your dashboard, you select or create a project. Then you can switch from one environment to another.

If you delete a project, the action is not reversible. The configuration data will be lost


Selecting a project and environment from the API is very simple. Just use the dedicated API Key. It automatically recognizes the project and environment.


You can define quota per quota in many dimension

  • Allow or not extra API Credit Usage
  • Define a maximum amount spent in extra usage if allowed in $
  • Define a maximum amount spent in API Credit
  • Define a maximum concurrency


You can define authorized IP/CIDR allowed to call the API, since API keys are bind to projects, you can authorize diffrent adresses per project