How to fix Python requests TooManyRedirects error?

TooManyRedirects error can be seen when using Python requests module to scrape websites with incorrectly configured redirects:

import requests

requests.get("")  # default redirect limit is 30
# will raise:
# TooManyRedirects(requests.exceptions.TooManyRedirects: Exceeded 30 redirects.

# we can set max redirects using requests.Session:
session = requests.Session()
session.max_redirects = 2

When web scraping, this usually means one of 3 things:

  • The website is incorrectly configured.
  • Our requests are missing important details like headers or cookies.
  • The scraper is purposefully redirected in a loop to prevent scraping (i.e. blocking).

To handle ToomanyRedirects exception we should disable automatic redirects and handle them manually:

import requests

session = requests.Session()
response = session.get("", allow_redirects=False)
redirect_url = response.headers['Location']
# now we can manually inspect and fix the redirect url if necessary and then follow it:
response2 = session.get(redirect_url, allow_redirects=False)
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